Indoor cats rarely go far...they're too scared. Put out some dirty clothing of yours and/or something that smells like the cat. Put out some stinky wet food & some dry food. Put a baby monitor beside the dry food. He'll probably come homeless at night & you want to hear him.

Have all neighbors check garages, sheds and under porches. Then check them again. He could be hiding 3 feet from you, but not come because he's too afraid. If there have been sightings of him in another area, ask those neighbors if you can put a trap there. You can buy humane traps at Home Depot, Tractor Supply. etc. Maybe your borough has one you can borrow. If you use a trap, cover it with a sheet (unless windy). If cat is skittish, Put stinky food inside & let the cat become comfortable going in and out before setting it. (Zip tie it open) Then after a few days, set the trap.

You may catch a raccoon or other creature, so be prepared for that. Just open the trap and release. Chances are VERY good that your cat it close by and hiding. DO NOT GIVE UP! This advice has been given to people who find their cats, or the cats make it home, several weeks after going missing. Do NOT put the litter box outside. Cats bury their waste for a reason. Your cats litter box will only attract other cats, that will then fight and scare your cat away. Most likely your cat is close by and hiding. Get a trap set asap. And make sure you check on the trap every half hourly better yet, watch it constantly from a window. Or use a baby monitor to listen for the cat outside. Do NOT leave a trap set if there is no one to watch it or check it. Your cat or another animal could self injure in a panic. This info all comes from many years of experienced rescuers. Get posters with pic and your number up all over the neighborhood and have neighbors keep an eye out.


*During the day - sit for a while on a porch/steps and talk softly to the kitty. If you see it, don't jump up to grab the cat - let it come to you.

Pretend to cry.

*Go out when dark with a flashlight and look under/over/behind/inside EVERYTHING near your house - a flashlight will make a hiding kitty's eyes glow.

*Many cats are recovered sitting on a porch LATE at night (12a-5a; *4am*) & talking softly.

*They go into survival mode and hide. Don't yell the cat's name - speak softly. Inside cats are usually found hiding (under a tarp or deck) or trapped (in a garage, shed, etc) within a 5 home radius. Ask neighbors to check.

*Smelly food may help (tuna in oil, sardines, rotisserie chicken). Shaking a favorite cat treat container may entice.

*Cats can smell up to a mile away. Place a piece of dirty clothing (the stinkier the better!) or a blanket they sleep on outside.

*Leave a garage door/window open slightly if possible - just enough that kitty could return on it's own.

*Put sign in front of house, in case someone took in assuming cat was a stray.

❣Don't give up❣

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