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Welcome!   When you arrive at the Cat Clinic and Hospital (see map below), you will be greeted by our "Wall of Cats"'s hard to miss our building on Liberty Avenue in the Bloomfield Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  There is parking in back of the building as well as metered street parking, and if you'll need assistance bringing your precious cargo from the car to the building, please let us know ahead of time and one of our staff will meet you to bring the patient in.  Please have your cat in a sturdy and durable cat carrier so there is no chance of escape should your cat get out of their carrier.    You will enter through our Liberty Avenue front entrance, through a double set of doors,....a safeguard so no cat will ever escape out the front door.  In 45 years, not one cat or kitten has been lost or accidently escaped.  


You will be greeted by one of our feline friendly and knowledgeable staff who will help you sign in for your visit with your cat or kitten.  One of the first things you'll notice is.....NO DOGS!   It's pleasantly quiet and free from the 'sounds' of a dog barking, whining, panting....and NO DOG ODORS which  would cue your cat to be on alert, and make them more anxious.   And, the entire Cat Clinic and Hospital is painted in calming blue....because the color blue happens to be one of the only colors feline can discern...See our Newsletter for more information on this

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You will be seated in comfortable chairs in the waiting area, and while we are known for keeping on schedule, there are times when a patient needs some extra care while they are in for their appointment.   This is a good time to you sit back, read a cat magazine, listen to relaxing music or look through all of the wonderful Yeowww! toys we carry for your cat!  Cats are usually very calm in their carriers in this environment and most likely sense they are safe, loved, and reign over the Cat Clinic and Hospital!

When the veterinarian is ready to see your cat, one of our staff will escort you to one of the exam rooms.  There is comfortable seating in the exam room if you prefer to sit.  Be assured that your cat is in feline capable hands, with over 40 years experience caring for cats, and answering all of your questions.  

"Trust....It starts by knowing we will care for your cats as if they were our own.  We will listen to your concerns and answer your questions.  And, it means being assured that we love cats, and show them the compassion and dignity they deserve."

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