What to Expect

When you are searching for a veterinarian for your cat,  you should expect high-quality care as well as great service. At the Cat Clinic and Hospital, our expert team of veterinary professionals strives to provide the best possible healthcare for your cats at our state-of-the-art feline veterinary facility, along with exceptional client service.    

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Wellness Exams

Your cat should have a wellness exam once or twice a year. By being proactive with your cat's health, you will be able to avoid more serious problems in the future. This visit includes a full physical examination, a brief soundness check and fecal sampling for parasite analysis.  Dr. Robert Bebko and staff will also ask you about your cat's health history. Be sure to bring all the information that you have about your cat's health to this veterinary visit. You will also be asked to fill out a New Patient Form available at this link before your appointment time.

In order for the exam to provide the best possible information, your cat's cooperation is helpful, and  most cats do well during a wellness exam.  But don't worry....we have over 45 years experience handling cats with respect and dignity, and that translates into over 350,000 cat visits.....so if your cat not in the best mood, well, we have the experience.  We love cats!

Changes To Your Cat’s Health

Changes to your cat's health can often be so small that they go unnoticed. To assist your veterinarian in identifying potential problems, keep a regular journal of your cat's health problems, including changes in behavior, eating habits, urination patterns, and bowel movements. 

Be sure to share this information with your veterinarian during the routine wellness exam. This journal is also a good place to make note of any health conditions experienced by your cat and the treatments used. If you ever move out of the area and need to change vets - or seek veterinary care while on the road - the journal will ease the transition.

The Cat Clinic and Hospital Veterinary Difference

To ensure the best experience for you and your cat, it is important to choose a veterinarian with whom both of you feel comfortable. At the Cat Clinic and Hospital,  we have many qualified staff members who are committed to easing the stress of your cat's healthcare visit.   Dr. Bebko will also explain all the procedures that your cat undergoes, so you understand what to expect.

In some circumstances, we may refer you to a specialist who has advanced training in certain areas, such as feline surgery, lameness or ophthalmology. We will closely coordinate with the specialist, so your cat receives the best possible care.

Here at the Cat Clinic and Hospital, we look forward to providing your cat with the unique lifelong care that it deserves.

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