Primary and Urgent Care

The first contact a cat may have with a veterinarian may be when they are not feeling well, or when the owner notices their feline companion is not acting 'normal.'  The Cat Clinic and Hospital is a primary care facility for cats, and only cats, in Pittsburgh, PA.  We are the first stop

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veterinary care facility for your cat for any concerns you may have about their physical or behavioral health.    Much like your own primary care provider, the veterinarians at the Cat Clinic and Hospital are not only here for physical or behavioral health issues, but also preventative health and well being visits, vaccinations, essential grooming, microchipping and much more.  As a Cat Clinic and Hospital client/cat owner, if you wake up in the morning and feel your cat companion should be seen the same day, we will fit you in, because we know the importance of immediate attention to your cat's medical needs and your peace of mind.  We have state of the art diagnostic equipment if the situation calls for it.  

Not sure if your cat is sick?                                                                                                                          

Any behavior that is not “normal’ for your cat, should prompt a phone call to us (412) 681-1122. If you are not sure, call anyway. We can help you decide whether or not to schedule and examination by our veterinarian. A few of the more common problems you may be concerned about are:

    *LETHARGY AND/OR HIDING BEHAVIOR If your cat seems to be hiding more than usual, and especially with any of the following symptoms:

    *NOT EATING OR A DROP IN APPETITE If your cat has not been eating or has been picking at its food over the past two meals

    *VOMITING Most cats vomit hairballs routinely. Vomiting is a concern if the vomiting continues to several times in a day

    *DIARRHEA If loose stools or diarrhea lasts more than a day, or is accompanied with other symptoms


When in doubt, call to speak to one of our highly trained team members who can help you make a decision as to the severity of the problem and need to see a veterinarian

(412) 681-1122

The Ten Subtle Signs of Sickness include the following :

 •  Inappropriate Elimination Behavior  

•  Changes in Interaction  

•  Changes in Activity  

•  Changes in Sleeping Habits  

•  Changes in Food and Water Consumption  

•  Unexplained Weight Loss or Gain  

•  Changes in Grooming  

•  Signs of Stress  

•  Changes in Vocalization  

•  Bad Breath

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