Is My Cat Sick?

Any behavior that is not “normal’ for your cat, should prompt a phone call to us (412) 681-1122. If you are not sure, call anyway. We can help you decide whether or not to schedule and examination by our veterinarian. A few of the more common problems you may be concerned about are:

    *LETHARGY AND/OR HIDING BEHAVIOR If your cat seems to be hiding more than usual, and especially with any of the following symptoms:

    *NOT EATING OR A DROP IN APPETITE If your cat has not been eating or has been picking at its food over the past two meals

    *VOMITING Most cats vomit hairballs routinely. Vomiting is a concern if the vomiting continues to several times in a day

    *DIARRHEA If loose stools or diarrhea lasts more than a day, or is accompanied with other symptoms


When in doubt, call to speak to one of our staff who can help you make a decision as to the severity of the problem and need to see a veterinarian

(412) 681-1122

The Ten Subtle Signs of Sickness include the following :

 •  Inappropriate Elimination Behavior  

•  Changes in Interaction  

•  Changes in Activity  

•  Changes in Sleeping Habits  

•  Changes in Food and Water Consumption  

•  Unexplained Weight Loss or Gain  

•  Changes in Grooming  

•  Signs of Stress  

•  Changes in Vocalization  

•  Bad Breath

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